Harley Davidson




22,695 Miles
Exterior: BLUE
Interior: BLACK
VIN# 42WLA68780

1942 Harley Davidson "WLA". Lovely restoration, well sorted, ready to go!!

The bike on offer here is this stunning 1942 Harley Davidson WLA. The bike has been restored. During the restoration, it was demilitarized, fully rebuilt and well sorted. I was part of a discerning collection of cars and motorcycles. It has been stored in a climate controlled environment, occasionally started and ridden. It has the 3 speed gearbox, and runs and drives as designed. It has a clean New york title and needs nothing except an enthusiastic new owner. This WLA is highly original, she is in running condition, and an easy bike to ride. Own a piece of history. Feel Free to call 203 256 9800 or email if we can answer any of your questions. WLA history; Harley-Davidson produced about 70.000 WLA and WLC military motorcycles for the US Army and their Allies during WW2. Spare parts for an additional 30,000 bikes were also produced. WLAs were used extensively by US Troops for messenger and Military Police duties and thousands were supplied to other countries through Lend Lease Agreements. Nicknamed 'Liberators' in Europe as they were ridden by troops liberating their towns and countries from German occupation. The name has stuck ever since....

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