250 Cubic Inch Six

Body Style: Truck
Exterior: Dark Green
Interior: Green and Creme

After World War II, the Big Three automakers all introduced new pickup trucks in 1948, but historians generally acknowledge that the Dodge B-series was the most advanced of them all. While Ford and Chevy tried to put new details in old trucks, Dodge went all-out and designed a completely new vehicle with several notable improvements to design, safety, and carrying capacity. The result is that trucks like this 1952 Dodge B3c flatbed truck. finished in dark green with black running boards, this handsome half-ton shows a large amount of gloss, and is well finished. The door gaps are good, the fenders line up well, and that unique side-opening hood sits just right. There's not a lot of chrome, and the grille has been painted in cream as was the center with a 'Job Rated' badge right in the middle, giving the truck an honest, blue-collar look that's extremely appealing. Bumpers are basic gloss black; the bed features newer wood planks and slats. The interior is spartan, and contains a mix of old and new, but is still stylish in an agricultural sort of way. The bench seat features new Green and cream two-toned vinyl seats, and the rubber floor mat allowed the farmer to hose the interior out after a long day working out in the field. The dash and gauges are original and have a nice patina, as would be expected from a 68 year old truck; with big speedometer and the secondary gauges below fixed in front of the driver, screens for speakers on the other end, with controls for the wipers, lights, and ignition in the center. All the gauges are operational and one quickly feels at home behind that big steering wheel. Flip up the side-opening hoods and discover Dodge's rugged 250 cubic inch inline-six engine, which was a mainstay of Chrysler products for many years. Virtually indestructible, these flathead engines made good torque and ran forever with only basic maintenance. Thanks to a responsive carburetor, this one runs smoothly and moves the half-ton pickup very well on city streets, and will cruise at 50 MPH all day. The engine bay is not detailed, but is tidy, and the truck delivers the true early truck experience. The car has a modern, custom made, aluminum radiator to keep the engine cool, on even the hottest days. The car has been recently converted to 12 volt. Power is fed to a 3-speed manual transmission with a low first gear for slow-speed work (not needed on most days). Recently used as a Beer Truck for a Catering company, the truck is well sorted and ready for work or play. If you've been looking for a vintage truck to cruise around in, and are tired of seeing all the Fords and Chevys, this is the truck for you.

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