2.5 Liter Six

Body Style: Convertible
Exterior: Green
Interior: Brown

The British arguably were the inventors of the small sports roadster. MG, Austin Healey, Lotus and Mini all built small bore sports cars characterized by lightweight designs that utilized small engines mated to nimble sporty chassis. Triumph really raised the bar with the design of the TR-6. Featuring a 2.5 liter, 6 cylinder engine and independent suspension, the car brought the performance to a much higher level, and came to epitomize the best of the British roadsters. These cars are quick, with good power and torque. They easily keep up with modern traffic while offering comfortable accommodations, good utility and ease of use. The car on offer here is a beautifully restored 1972 Triumph TR6. The quality of this car is self-evident; the car is fully sorted. The car comes with reams of paperwork documenting the restorative work and maintenance done on the car over the years. Always enthusiast owned, the car has had a level of care bestowed upon it that is rarely seen. The car was restored in 2006 and painted Java green; the quality of the paintwork is excellent with great shine and deep luster. The interior was restored as well and remains in wonderful condition. The car is equipped with Minilite style wheels and are in near new condition condition; the tires show little wear. The car has a new convertible top and the top mechanism works well. Fanatic owned, an open checkbook was employed in itís restoration and maintenance. The underside of the car is as nice as the top and all systems work as they should. The car is well sorted and drives as well as any TR6 we have driven.

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