600 SWB

6.3 Liter V8

Body Style: 4 Door

The Mercedes 600 sedans were the flagship Mercedes in the late 1960ís-70ís. The cars were hand made and Engineered and constructed using the finest materials and designers of the day. The 600 was ultra exclusive and astronomically expensive (At well over $32,000 when new in 1972, the 600 was the most expensive car in the world), and found a distinguished clientele that included diplomats, captains of industry, and stars. Many famous individuals have owned 600s including Coco Chanel, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, Aristotle Onassis, Jack Nicholson, and Bob Jane. The carsí diplomatic bent has also meant that many political figures, many of them communist ironically enough, have owned 600s over the years. Included among these are Emperor Hirohito, Idi Amin, Jomo Kenyatta, Nicolae Ceausescu, Leonid Brezhnev, Enver Hoxha, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Josip Broz Tito, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Il Sung. This particular example is an amazingly original, ONE FAMILY OWNED CAR. It comes with a nice stack of records indicating the attentive care and upgrades it received through the year. A well optioned car with mostly original black paint (code 0400). The interior is Saddle tan leather with French Walnut wood accents. The car has a black steering wheel, refrigerated center compartment with thermos and shot glasses, original American headlamps, and fog lamps. Originally sold to the patriarch of a local Connecticut family, the car has remained with its original family until now! The mileage is 57,470 from new. The car has been well maintained over the years, with an eye towards Cosmetic and mechanical originality where possible. All equipment is currently working and the car comes with a variety of extras including original books set, original hydraulic system service kit, tool set, suspension emergency block set, shot glasses and thermos. We have some receipts from a Mercedes marque specialist including a new compressor and AC work from the early 2000ís. The suspension and air conditioning systems are particularly mythical in regard to maintenance, and both systems work on this car. The all important hydraulic system has been maintained, including, rebuilt hydraulic pump and accumulator; the trunk actuator works well, and all door window switches work. The engine starts well and has good power and torque. The paint on this car is very original, and indeed metering suggests that the trunk, roof, hood, and rear fenders still have their original paint. Overall, the impression is extremely strong, with a high level of gloss, excellent matching and great presentation overall. Close inspection reveals a few light scratches. The body is extremely straight and solid and the chrome is excellent. The glass and lights are excellent. The interior was left as original as as possible and remains in wonderful condition with a lovely Patina. The wood around the windows and parts of the dash was replaced and the car looks gorgeous. There is a small area where the dash meets the windshield where the veneer has peeled. Cars are only original once, and great effort was put forth in keeping as much originality as possible. The carpets are also in very nice shape and look great. The steering wheel is excellent overall, with light crazing. The headliner is excellent, as are the instruments and switches. There are a great many switches that operate the various accessories such as the power operated front and rear seats, windows, and suspension. All of these items are hydraulic and operate rapidly and silently in a way that is impressive even today; this must have been downright magical fifty years ago. Even the cowl vent is hydraulically operated by a switch on the dashboard. Her original stereo unit is in place both front and rear and works as it should. The trunk is in very good condition. The hydraulic opening and closing systems work as designed. The service kit is still present in its original case and spare lives in its own compartment. The spare tire is present and in original condition. The engine compartment has some patina. Correct Mercedes hoses and OEM clamps and fixings were used throughout. The carís road performance also reflects the considerable expense lavished on its mechanical systems. It is extremely solid throughout. The major mechanical systems work as they should, from the brakes and suspension to the engine and gearbox. The quality of the ride is fantastic and the entire experience oozes of quality and luxury. The 600ís reputation is well deserved, in its time , the car was technically awe-inspiring, high-performing, and stately like very few other cars. Produced in limited numbers, even fewer examples survive as this one has, complete with original books, tools, and partially original paint. If you are looking for a fine 600, look no further.

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